mon 22 oct 10:36


it was slow-ish at the restaurant last night. i “phased” at about 9:30, and biked over to the Marina, to get some food at the small-plates place, Laïola.

it’s a small place, but cool-looking. usually i’m tired of the “open kitchen” concept. i don’t care that i can watch the chefs prepare everything. but at this place, it kinda works.

the owner guy was there, sitting at the bar. i txtd HomeSlice, because she has a crush on him. he’s kinda handsome, in pedestrian kinda way. and i think he’s a good guy for her. (right. as if i actually know him!)

food’s great there! (^_^) we had grilled octopus salad with some sort of beans, lamb meatballs with cumin (?) aioli, dates wrapped in bacon, <—because anything wrapped in bacon is delicious!), little gem salad, and roasted mushrooms with a sunny side egg on top! everything excellent.

cocktails: a white sangria and a red sangria.
then later, something called a valentia. i don’t remember what the hell was in it. something orange-y, and bitter. also a spicy margarita-esque something with a salt -and-pepper rim. loved them both.

dessert was kick ass! pan con chocolate with sea salt. and a cheesecake something with fig compote.

i realize that i’m no food writer. i haven’t described the food well at all. but i liked it there. i’ll definitely go again.




[where: 2301 Chestnut, San Francisco, CA]


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