post-shift ramblings

wed 17 oct 00:45

got offa work at about 23:30

i’ve been blog-surfing since then. haven’t accomplished a damn thing.

i think the anesthesiologists have left. they’ve been in town for a convention for the past few days.

anesthesiologists talk a lot. they know how to eat. they totally know how to drink lots of expensive wines too.

for the past couple-a weeks, many people have been coming into the restaurant mentioning that they heard about us from Rachael Ray . so weird.

i was manager for 3 days last week. 3 days this week as well.

the espresso machine busted today. actually, the lever that controls the milk-steamer broke off. i’ve been trying to find out who the hell to call to repair it. apparently, we own the espresso machine. the company who sold it to us won’t come to repair it because OwnerGuy was being a dick to them in the past.

GM’s desk looks like the aftermath of a hurricane, and i can’t find a damn thing. there are business cards and little scraps of paper with phone numbers scrawled on them everywhere. agh.

the kitchen guys don’t have enough aprons or chef coats. i’ve been on the phone numerous times with our linen company to figure out what the hell’s going on. i keep getting the run-around. the next delivery is thurs.

i don’t dislike managing. i don’t necessarily love it, tho. but, in a way, i kinda like it. kinda…

but it’s better than waiting tables all the time, because when i do that, i become a little crazy.

i’m sure i had more to write about. but i can’t think of a damn thing right now.


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