13 oct 13:45

last night i went to SPQR.

when HomeSlice and i were in Rome, i saw those letters all over the place. what the hell does it mean? from what we could piece together, it’s something in Latin, and has something to do with Rome. i’m no historian, or Latin language expert, so i left it at that.

have a look at the menu

it was ok. we had some antipasti to start: housemade pork sausage, sweetbreads, and pork croquette. they tasted like they could have been ground-up anything. it didn’t particularly taste like pork, or sweetbread or anything. it was ground up meat, and deep fried.

i chose calamari with ceci beans, capers, etc. for my entree. ok.

CrazyCzech had radiatore pasta w tuna, capers, etc. pretty good.

all washed down with a rose wine. pretty good.

while we were there, HomeSlice had finished at her terribly-boring-black&pink-ball-to-benefit-women-in-need-or-something. she joined us mid-entree.

her choices were much better: chicories with anchovies and lemon; shelling beans with pork soffrito; bay scallops.

dessert was almond milk granita for me, and something else i can’t remember. desserts were tasty.

overall, the restaurant gets an “okay”. i don’t think i’ll be running back there anytime soon.

although, i liked our server. she had a cool fauxhawk. and she smiled a lot.



[where: 1911 fillmore, SF, CA, 94115]


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