fri day into night

sat 13 oct 14:00

yesterday, (fri) as you know, it was freezing cold most of the day. i sat in my apt and did nothing nothing nothing. i tried to clean. i tried to re-arrange the mess in my walk-in closet. i tried to clean up the kitchen. i tried. i really did.

but i accomplished nothing.

it’s great to be off from work.

eventually, i made my way outta the apt again. and went to the gym. it was maybe 6pm.

it was kinda crowded, but not so crowded that i had to wait for machines. i saw a few people there that i “know”. the Guy With Big Nose Who Talks A Lot; The Porn Star Guys; Chatty Brit; etc.

sidebar: when i was there on thurs, i ran into HomeSlice’s friend, Chex. he introduced me to his friend, Short Bald Guy Whose Name I Can’t Remember.

then i saw Short Bald Guy Whose Name I Can’t Remember talking to Tall Guy From Yoga.

it’s amazing that all these people know each other well enough to talk to each other. wow. i don’t know anyone well enough to talk to them, i guess it’s because i go during off-peak times, so i never see anyone. much less talk to them.

i ran into CrazyCzech in the locker room. and i asked him if he wanted to go to Chevy’s afterwards. i dunno why i wanted to go. (well, that’s not true. i had just seen a commercial for Chevy’s, and i thought it’d be fun to go.)

turns out that he and other CrazyCzech were going to yoga, and were going to the movies afterwards.

later later, i ran into him again as i was leaving the locker room. he said that other CrazyCzech didn’t wanna go to the movies, so he could come with me to Chevy’s if i wanted to. we decided to meet down in the lobby.

while i sat there waiting for him, i saw other CrazyCzech. i asked her what she was doing tonight. she said nothing, and then sort of walked away. i didn’t have a chance to ask her to come with, and since she started walking away, i figured she had some plans. whatever.

this story is becoming very long-winded. sorry.

went to Chevy’s. it was cheesy. but kinda fun. we flirted with the ideas of going to Mamacita, SPQR, or somewhere in the Mission.

after a PricklyPear margarita at Chevy’s , we make our way to SPQR.

read my post about SPQR here.

it was about 22:30 when we left SPQR. we wanted to go somewhere, but uninspired. we decided to play the “we’ll get on whichever bus comes first” game. (it’d work a lot better if buses arrived more often that once an hour…)

we boarded the 22Fillmore. our destination? maybe Pilsner Inn? maybe Lucky 13?

we tried both places. dead.

we ended up going to the Transfer. it’s a dive dive dive bar on the corners of Market/Church/14th st.

it used to be a gay bar. no longer. now it’s a cluuuuub, with kool kids, retro-divas, go-go dancers, a DJ, and lotsa dancing and cheap cheap drinks!

hipsters abound, but also kool kids moving their lithe bodies on the teeny tiny dance floor.


there was a special on fernet+peroni = $5

kick ass!

we stayed till close.



[where: san francisco, CA]


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