wed 11 oct 13:04

went to Nopa last night after work. i haven’t been there for about a year!

it was fairly late, a little before 11pm when we got there, but it was still hoppin. listening to the tables within earshot, i discovered that many, if not all, were industry people. and it’s always crazy-busy during the traditional hours. the staff there is super-friendly, but not in a creepy or cult-like way. they’re actually happy to be there (or they’re really good actors).

i had a marinated calamari salad to start, which kicked-ass. and i had the pork chop for my main course. (DonnyG had eaten there the night before, and he told me about the pork chop. so i had to try it.) and i’m glad i did. it had the consistency of a steak. incredibly tender, flavorful, and not dripping in some sort of sauce.

dessert was a Blue Bottle espresso martini and a cheese plate.


we finished at about 12:30, and tables were still coming in to eat. i sometimes forget that that san francisco has a late-night dining scene.


[where: divis at hayes]


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