bike ride through the ‘hoods

sat 6 oct 16:16

my bike

i got up early today. rode my bike around town. started riding along geary. when i got to geary at about Arguello, i saw a guy with ear gauge piercings.

the reason he looks so familiar is because he lives a few buildings down from me. wow. “what the hell is he doing way over here?” i think to myself.
and then i realize, “well, what the hell am I doing way out here?”

i continued over to funston st. and headed south, towards Golden Gate Park. i’ve never really been in this area of funston st before. wow. all this new stuff going on, and it’s not even noon.

i continue through the park, and ride along MLK or JFK drive, (i never know which is which) to about 20th ave. i passed a waterfall on the way. in the middle of GG Park?
i know. wow.

i did a 180 and continued back towards downtown. this time along Haight St.

it was about 11am, and i saw that the line to get into the Pork Store Cafe was about 35 people long. crazy.

i continued down to lower haight, and hooked a right onto Church st. i found myself at Market st and church. realizing that i was just here yesterday, i jigga jogged over to 14th st. and continued until i hit the BestBuy.

i decided to go to Crunch at New Montgomery. but first i got a jamba juice. the açai charger. yummers.

the gym was quiet. that’s why i go to New Montgomery location on the weekends.

there wasn’t much good tv on offer. although on ESPN Classic was a marathon of

Gladiators from the early ’90s!
it’s so gay gay gay. big beefy steroid-heads battling, grappling, jumping on top of much-smaller competitors, and putting each other in headlocks. the same for the women. bodybuilder size chicks with fluffy ’90s hair jumping, grabbing, tackling other women. stuff that lesbionic dreams are made of.

i couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

oh, in the locker room, i saw a guy with the most enormous man-boobs i’ve ever seen.

he wasn’t even fat, just flabby. he must’ve recently lost a lotta weight. maybe about a 4th-grader’s worth.

it was 1:30 when i finished. i called CrazyCzech. we decided to meet at Nook for lunch. i like it there. we had some sammiches, while watching the cable cars clang by.

there we sat, until about 4pm, because both of us are working tonight.

tomorrow is the Castro Street Fair. so many fairs lately, it’s hard to keep up.


One Response to “bike ride through the ‘hoods”

  1. Man boobs – or “moobies” (that’s what C calls them) – are scary!

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