fri 28 sept 10:46

san francisco twins

{above picture stolen from this guy}

i’ve had some sightings lately.

i was on my bike the other day headed to myth cafe for lunch, when i saw the San Francisco Twins! it was exciting! they were near union square, probably shopping. they’re very charming.

at the gym, i saw Roberto, the bartender from Jade. his hair is shorter, and he wasn’t wearing his glasses. my coworkers and i make up stories about him. we’ve decided that he must be single again, thus the reason for going to the gym, getting a haircut, and wearing contact lenses. he’s gotta look good if he wants to find himself a new girlfirend, right?

and finally, the other day, i saw Brandi. allow me to explain. living in the tenderloin, you see your fair share of crackheads, trannies and prostitutes. (or some combo of the three) Brandi is Eegs’ favorite crackhead. i see her every so often, meandering the streets of the ‘loin, sometimes, totally spacey and cracked/meth-ed out. other times, completely normal looking. i saw her the other night on my way home from work–she wasn’t wearing any shoes and had a dazed look on her face. not good.

[where: 94102]
[where: 94109]


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