new folk

tues 25 sept 23:45

new starburst

remember a few weeks ago when SlowBartender and Boobs got canned?

also, Alistair left last week. i don’t know what he’s gonna for work rather than wait tables. i think his bitch of a wife wanted him to not work in restaurants anymore.

and our busser Hector, went to Mexico last week, and got stuck there. (?) i don’t know all the details, but i imagine that being denied entrance into the country isn’t a situation that’s easily remedied.

well, now that i’m back from vay-kay, there’s a whole slew of new people at work. it’s weird.

we have a new host-stye, a bartender, and a server. and a busser. i think we still need another server.

it’s exhausting to have so many new people. you have to teach them everything. i’m not complaining. it’s good to have some new blood in the place. it just takes a little while to get used to it.


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