back in Lisbon; it’s a small world after all

friday 21 sept 3:36

i’m back at the ranch. M and i went to this place called Chafariz do Vinho. it was a wine bar-slash-restaurant. it used to be a big cement building that once housed the public water works back in the 1700s, lets say.

it was totally raining raining raining. anyway, it was good times. m was falling asleep towards the end of dinner. nothing new. i don’t know why she forces herself to stay up past 9pm. it’s not beneficial for any party involved. if she wants to sleep, then she should.

after dinner, i headed back to the hotel to make sure all my stuff was packed. then i went to the Bairro Alto. it’s always hoppin there! i don’t understand who these people are, and how they stay up so damn late… but i love it. love love love it!

unrelated side story: on the way to Bairro Alto, a random girl asked me what time it was, in English. i answered her (it was about 1:15am). then i continued walking, and she called out to me and started on about trying to get to the airport because her flight from Air France got canceled. she actually didn’t want money, she just wanted information. how much it cost to get to the airport? and how far away is it?, etc. she didn’t have any Euro, (but i couldn’t understand what unit of currency she did have, and why she wanted to swap them for my Euro. i said “no” and we both went on our way.

i got asked to buy hashish and cocaine several times while walking from bar to bar.

each bar in the Bairro Alto is teeny tiny. about the size of a small storefront. and that’s pretty much it. the crowd spills over to the streets and it becomes a huge street party. i love it. so much energy and excitement. not like sleepy San Francsico, CA. All the damn self-righteousness, and pious-ness, and judging others makes them very tired. San Francisco sleeps early. at about 11pm.

i found a few bars one on Rua do Norte? i can’t remember. i went into another on Barraco. there are so many of them, does it really matter? every corner i turned, there were another 300 people in the street.

small world alert: last week when i was in bairro alto, i totally saw this bottle blond guy on the “dance floor” at one of the bar/clubs. tonight, i saw him again, about a week later, at a different bar in the Bairro Alto.

back to my story….
by this time, it was around 2am, and i wanted to try out a cluuuuub that i’d read about in my guidebook. called Lux. it’s near the Santa Apolonia estação.

i left bairro alto at about 2:15 and headed for the cluuuub. somehow i stumbled onto this place called the Loft. looked sexy. it was 2:30 and it looked like the line was getting longer. i tried to get in line, but realized that i had no vocabulary. i may as well be mute. several people tried to get in, but were denied. there was a list at the door. music seemed pretty good. house-y, drum n’ bass-y. i enjoyed it from the outside. i realized that i need to get on a plane in a few hours, and i was by myself, and i don’t speak Portuguese, and my chances of getting in are slim, but if i do get in, then what??

so, i was lame. i left. i didn’t even try to go to the other cluuuuub (Lux). because i wasn’t sure where it was, and… oh, see excuses in previous paragraph.

i know. i know. i’m so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o lame. just call me loser boy.

but in other somewhat-related news, on my way home from the the Loft cluuuub, i saw the same 3 guys i’d seen earlier at a bar in Bairro Alto.

(begin singing “it’s a small world after all” )

currently, trying to update my blogs, because the ultra-fancy Vila Joya did not provide internet access at all. because it’s such a get-away, there’s no internet. (personally, i thought i was gonna die without www)

but it seems that here at the Sofitel, although it claims to have wi-fi, it totally does not. and i just paid 5€ to get 2 hours worth of wireless time. but is it working? nooooooo.


god fucking dammit. i need to sleep. it’s already 4:17am !


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