hello again lisboa; and the Cristo Rei

thurs 20 Sept 20:35

cristo rei
we’re finally back in Lisbon. it took us only a few hours to get here via the A2 autostrada. fast.

we stopped at the Cristo Rei
in Almada, just over the Ponte 25 de Abril, Setubal peninsula.

[sidebar: there’s a “peninsula” just below Lisbon, just like “the Peninsula” just below San Francisco, CA. wow, these cities are very similar.]

the Cristo Rei…
yes, it’s like the one in Brazil! It’s very exciting! we got lost trying to navigate ourselves there, and it took us a while to find it, but when we did, it was totally worth it! and when i got there, i couldn’t stop singing “Open Arms” by Journey.

we made it back into Lisbon easily enough, and checked into the Sofitel. we tried to return the car. that’s when our problems began. it’s such a long story. we filled up gas, and got horribly lost up and around and through the A2 and A5 Autostrada. about 45 mins later, we finally navigated the oneway streets and pulled into the Hertz car rental return.

we walked around for a little. and had a snack at a curbside café, just off the Restauradores.

i’m back at the place. M decided to walk around a little. dinner is later, maybe 21:30 and then i have this vision that i’m gonna go to a cluuuub tonight. it’s our last night here in Lisbon, after all.

M just got back. the strap on her sandal ripped off. she had to limp all the way back here from the Bairro Alto.

omg! we’re watching FTV (fashion tv). Petra Nemcova and Karolina Kurkova are on, talking about a calendar that Petra is putting together.


its for charity! who doesn’t love Czech supermodels?

kick ass!


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