Albufeira, or the Jersey shore?

thurs 20 sept 11:15

albufeira nightlife

we just returned from breakfast. getting ready to leave to return to Lisbon today.

last nights dinner was only 3 courses. wow.

it was mostly German-esque food. makes sense, since there are mostly German-esque people here at the Vila Joya.

after dinner we went down the road to Albufeira. it’s filled with Brits. lots of drunk, sunburned ones. also lots of shops selling puka-shell necklaces, silly t-shirts, souvenirs. every single bar had some form of live music. usually, a 50+ year old guy with a Hawaiian shirt singing 70s songs, to the delight of everyone involved. drink specials were things like: Long Island Iced Tea, Strawberry caipirhina, bahama mama, hurricane, and other horrid, sweetened, artificially-flavored drinks. Kinda cheesy and embarrassing. like the Jersey shore.

the town of Albufeira itself is pretty much a tourist trap, but it was definitely lively. from what i could see, mostly Brits and Irish (with an occasional German here and there), all drinking and singing like they were still in their home country. Didn’t really notice many Portuguese people, although i’m sure there must have been a few there.


One Response to “Albufeira, or the Jersey shore?”

  1. Really enjoyed the week I spent there with a friend .. Although mid November the weather was good and still fairly busy… Definately worth visiting

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