Faro e praia do Sao Rafael

Wed 19 sept 19:51

didn’t go out last night. too damn tired.

this was Tuesday night’s 5 course meal:

3 different quail eggs dishes (amuse bouche)

marinated Fillet of Wagyu beef on snow potato with Sevruga caviar
Essence of fennel w salmon
pargo fish on courgettes
calf’s liver on onion jus w apple balsamico
kiwi-pumpkin tart-ish thing w cucumbers. (weird)

my cold is getting better.

this morning we went to breakfast. several new couples were welcomed into the inner circle of Germans. the “Mayor and First Lady” were checking out today, hugs, double kisses all around.

we departed for Faro. it’s about 45(?) km away.

parking is free in the city. weird. but we couldn’t find a parking spot in the municipal lot. some Portuguese drunkard pointed out a spot for us. i gave him 1€. he seemed happy enough not to steal anything from our little car.

Faro is a walled city. we walked around there. looked at some Sé (cathedral).  went to the top. saw some bells, and etc. we tried to go to the Igresia de something or other to see the thousands of bones from deceased monks, but by the time we got there, they were closed for the afternoon (on their siesta)!

lunch was a quick stop for sande mixta, e agua minerale com gas.

it was about 14h30 so we headed back to the ranch at Vila Joya.

we changed, and decided to go to the beach right near us. praia do Saõ Rafael.

nice beach. nice rock formations.

we took some action shots using M’s new camera. i am a TOTAL supermodel.

at about 18h00 we headed back home. i luxuriated at the pool for a little while. talked to CrazyCzech.

we’re planning for dinner at 20h00

i get back to our room to hear the about M’s near death experience involving slippage, the shower curtain, curtain rod, shower head and puddles of water everywhere.

as im in the shower within the next few minutes, i realize that she could have hit her head. scary!

i’m wearing my blue blazer/jacket to dinner tonight. it’s missoni. fan-SEH! got it at Loehmann’s, the old-jewish-lady store.

we’re planning to go to Albufeira (sp) after dinner tonight. again, we’ll see how the 5 courses go.

going back to Lisbon tomorrow. (Thurs), and then i leave to go back on Fri.


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