bikes, beach and massage

tues 18 sept 19:55

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we’re in Galé, which is just a little ways east of Portimão, and about 7km west of Albufeira.

m and i split up for part of the day, and i rode my bike.

first, to the Castelo/Evaristo beach. was ok.

next i tried pracia Coelho. there were several dogs barking at me, and chasing me down the street. sensing that they would probably bite my legs off, i turned around.

i kept riding until i saw a sign for pracia do Sao Rafael. it was cooool. i chucked my bike into the bushes on the side, and hung out for about an hour. i noticed that it was populated with mostly Brits.
then rode back, along our street towards, praia Galé . and i also rode to praia Salgados , which i found out is connected to our beach (Galé!)

then hung out at the pool, to work on my melanoma.

m came back from Portimão. she got some cold medicine. it was an interesting scenario for her to try to come up with enough Portuguese words to explain that she had a sinus congestion, and also needed contact lens solution.

while i was at the pool, i decided that i needed to get a massage!

so i got one at 16:30.

it was excellent. it was an Indian massage, whatever that means.

afterwards, i used the steam, sauna, outdoor Jacuzzi overlooking the ocean, relaxation room, etc. etc. etc.

i’m totally relaxed, and i smell really nice, too.

m took some cold medicine. she might (will) fall asleep between course 3 and 4 of dinner.

our plan is to go out tonight. it’ charming that she thinks she’ll be able to stay up that late.

we’re going to dinner at 8pm. for a change. then we’ll be able to go out later, i think. who knows.


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