sagres, the end of the world

mon 17 sept 20:45

breakfast today was kick ass!


like, i said before. all the servers speak several languages. i’ve heard them speak French, German, English, and of course Portuguese.

i think CrazyCzech should get a job here. he can already speak several of the required languages.

today we started to ride bikes. but M’s hip started to hurt. so we returned to the hotel. we decided to go to to Sagres.

Sagres is about 70km from our little place in Gale. Sagres is pretty good. we ate at a little shack on the beach. Raposo’s. i had squid romana, and tuna pate, and a copo de vinho branca.

the staff had cool-ass shirts that said: Sagres: the end of the world.

the waiters are cool. they’re all buzz-heads.

we went to some fortress that was closed. walked across lotsa rocks. sat and watched the silly brazilian boys take pictures. they pretended they were falling off the rocks. they screamed like women. like i said. silly brazilian boys.

my camera decided to stop working here. now it just makes funny grinding and whirring noises when i turn it on.

Sagres was cool. nice views, cliffs, etc. but kinda boring after a while.

we also went to Cabo do Sao Vicente. more rocks, more fortresses, more view, etc. etc.

there were a few fishermen there.

M drove home.

we stopped at the AliMercado. i got some new rubbers. (tee hee!) and some Portuguese toothpaste. oh, and some candy called Filipino. it’s sweet and tan. like me. :p

i called my bro when I got home. it’s his birthday. he’s 35. wow he’s old.

going to dinner now. i hope it’s 5 courses again!


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