the road to the Algarve

Sun 16 Sept

we drove today from Lisboa to the Algarve. we took secondary roads, which is more scenic, and less commuter-y.

our car is a Mercedes A-class hatchback. how cool!
i was hoping for a Renault or a Citroën.
but a Mercedes A-class hatchback aint nothing to sneeze at.

i saw lotsa cork trees on the way.

lunch was in a small-ish town called Santiago do Caçem. we had some little shrimp-esque balls and mini crab cake things.

we also got some cool candy! Orbit: Green Mint w.Chlorophyll, Peach Berry!

i noticed that all the old men here wear cool hats. like newsboy hats. (M’s crazy. she calls them “Jeff” hats.)

then we drove and drove.

got to our hotel.

the Vila Joya. schmancy! it’s in a little town called Galé, just a few kilometers west of Albufeira.


it’s a resort! only 17 rooms. amenities include, 2 pools, fitness center, spa/massage area w steam sauna etc., tennis court, and bicycles at our “proposal” as it says.

dinner is included!

it’s held outside on the terrace, overlooking the ocean. gorge!

our 5 course meal:

amuse bouche! sardines prepared 3 different ways.


feuillete of calf’s head (i think it was brain. it kinda tasted like it.) and calf’s sweetbreads on chanterelle vinaigrette

ricotta ravioli w walnut and sage butter

gilthead (seabass) w cream spinach and green pepper

venison roasted on cacao

caramelized baby pineapple w/ honey rum ice cream

all the above stuff paired with white and red wine.

and an espresso to end it all. 🙂

the waiters, (mostly women), wore long dark tunics. one man, who looked like Ben Stiller, wore a tunic top, with dark linen fitted pants. he talked way too much.

the backwaiters, (mostly male), wore all white, big baggy linen pants (like harem pants), white longlseeve banded collar shirts. one of them looked like Margs’ husband.

dinner took 3 hours! i was exhausted by the end of it. and probably drunk.

it was amazing to hear all the servers switch back and forth between German, English, French and Portuguese, depending on which table they had. this could be a good job for CrazyCzech. he can already speak many of these languages.


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