the belem

sat 15 sept 21:20

i luuuuuv the Belem. that’s where M and i went today. a short bus ride on the 15E. excellent!

we saw the descobrimentos.
the marble/stone/granite/whatever-it-is sculpture.

and we ate.

i had a choco assado com tinta.
grilled cuttlefish (similar to squid) and ink!

i loved it.

and then we sat in the Praça Alfonso de Albuquerque and watched a pick-up soccer game, saw some kids riding weird tricycles. we did this for a few hours.

at about 19:30, we headed back to the hotel to have a drink on the balcony, and to plan our trip tomorrow to Algarve. Faro, Lagos, Sagres, Portimão, Albufeira.

its 21:30.

gonna get changed to go to dinner.

maybe tonight to a different cluuuuub.

but we’re leaving at 10am tomorrow for the Algarves.

we’ll see.


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