the alfama

friday 14 sept 21:12

M didn’t get up until about noon today. wow. she slept for 11 hours. she musta been tired.

i got breakfast earlier at the hotel. (Lisboa Regency Chiado) i left our place and got lost a little bit in the Alfama district. it’s hilly, with narrow, cobblestoned streets.

alfama hills

we met later at the Cafe Brasiliera on R Garrett and Largo do Chiado. we sat and had some sammiches. i had a tosta mista with presunto and quiejo, along with a SuperBock and an agua mineral. excellent. we sat at the cafe and watched the world go by.

we decided to go to the Castelo do São Jorge. this big monstrous castle up on the hill. kinda cool. kinda in ruins. reminded me a little bit of Greece.

we hung out at the top for a while. maybe an hour or so.

then we proceeded to get lost in the Alfama once again.

oh, we got ice cream, too. Ola. delicious.

by this time, it was about 19:00, so we recharged our batteries at pois cafe. this time i had mixed fruit, with a SuperBock Green! it’s SuperBock, but with lemon/lime.

back at the hotel now. it’s almost 21:30. i’ve gotta shower and change clothes. gonna go out to dinner in the Alfama. then maybe to a club (cluuuub) tonite, if i can figure out where they are!


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