lots of “ssh-esh” es

Thurs 14 Sept 2007 11:25

M is still sleeping. she must be tired.

went to breakfast this morn. and then walked around a little. it’s cooler than yesterday.

i’ve been listening to the portuguese speak. lots of “zh” and “esh” at the end of many words. it sounds nothing like español.

i refilled my mobile phone tmn. it was interesting to say the least.

before dinner, last night (wed) we stopped for a glass of wine in the hotel bar. noticed a couple sitting there. finishing up their drink. later at dinner, we saw the same couple from the hotel bar at the restaurant. and then later, i saw the same couple again, when i was bar hopping! this must be a very small city.M’s guide book says that Barrio Alto is quaint, etc, and is the place to buy drugs. Sure enough, as we walked around, i was asked several times if i wanted to buy hash, weed, coke, etc. wow.

we continued meandering through the cobbled, winding streets of the Barrio Alto. we randomly chose imperio dos sentidos. it’s a restaurant[slash]art gallery.

i started with the tomato and spinach soup. excellent presentation. excellent flavors.
i had the bacalhau assado lascado. M had the dourada grelhada (grilled sea bass). mmmmm.

after dinner, i walked M back to the hotel. then i went back out to random bars in the Barrio Alto. this culture really knows how to enjoy life. i love that they stay out very late. when do they work?
today, we’re supposed to discover the Alfama. but it’s almost noon, and M still ain’t awake yet. we’ll see what happens.


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  1. Great commentarios sobre Lisboa e Portugal! martin

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