14 sept 3:44 Fri

lisboa hills

image credit
currently in Lisbon.

M and i landed here at about 11am. made our way to the hotel.

then we walked around. and watched the world go by.

god dammit! portugese is difficult for me to learn! i keep breaking into español!

the portuguese are sexy motherfuckers.
they dress very very well.
they’ve got great haircuts.
they all smoke. a lot. (i know, emphysema is so NOT sexy. but somehow, they make it seem appealing.)

i can’t believe there are so many people out in the middle of the street, drinking. smoking indoors. hanging out. dancing. having fun. enjoying their lives–till all hours of the night. it’s so liberating! so different from the US.

i feel like such a lame American. when Euros come to visit the US, there’s nothing comparable for us to offer them. sure, there’s Vegas, but that’s not the same.

i should get to bed. it’s late. almost 4am.
M and i are gonna explore (an)other neighborhood(s) tomorrow.


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