dinner with the fam

11 sept 2007 22:45

wow, i guess i momentarily forgot the date today. i remember it vividly.  i was in my apt when i heard the news of planes crashing into towers. i ran downstairs and joined about 50 others gathered on the street, to see the towers engulfed in smoke … 

it rained all day today. went to the city again. unplanned. i didn’t do anything. i went to crunch to work out. then walked through chinatown in the rain, and caught a train home to wrong island.

once back on worng island, i got into the car and drove myself to yonkers, NY. that’s where my ninang lives. along with my Lola and Tatay. (yes, my grandmother likes to be called “Lola”, while my grandfather prefers “Tatay.” it’s a little strange. but they’re old. i don’t make a fuss.)

i downloaded new software updates for ninang’s AOL. i practiced tagalog with my Lola.  (Tatay prefers not to speak. he just listens.)  then we ate some dinner. simple really. some pork chops, pansit, and some ground beef with vegetables over white rice. and a banana for dessert. 

i dunno why my parents don’t talk to ninang or lola or tatay. it’s one of those weird things that no one discusses. they’re not upset that i go there to see them. after all, they’re my relatives. but my parents don’t make that much of an effort lately to stay in contact with them. i dunno. i don’t ask. i don’t need to get into the middle of the drama. i don’t live here.

a few hours later, i returned to wrong island, only to find the screen door locked from the inside. which means that my keys were useless, because i couldn’t get past the thin, flimsy screen door. i called the house. answering machine. called dad’s phone. voicemail. moms phone. same. called the house again.  

i made a small tear in the screen door, reached a finger in, and unlocked the screen door. dad’s gonna be mad when he finds out.


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