monday 10 Sept 18:00

went to the pool/fitness center at Minerals Sports Club yesterday at Mineral Springs Resort. why Mineral, and not Crystal Springs, you ask? well, the pool/fitness center at our complex isn’t completed yet. so we’re able to use the facilities at nearby Mineral Springs. the two properties are owned by the same company.
 fabulous.  several pools, indoor and outdoor. also a waterfall thing, which doubles as a diving platform for kids (and adults) to use. excellent.

and it’s not just old people, either. there were several others who were about my age, just hangin out, luxuriating by the pool. i was sitting towards the far end, away from the kids. and so were they.

Dad and i took advantage of the exercise facilities, earlier. i did a complete chest/back abs circuit, which took about an hour. (i am so buff.) then i luxuriated for a bit, before going back to the condo to say goodbye to Bro and Sis in Law.

after saying our goodbyes, me Mom Dad, all returned to the sports club, because Mom wanted to get some treadmill time. so i returned to the pool. this time, less sun, but for some reason i was more exhausted. i napped for about an hour.

i’m envisioning coming here in the winter with my friends to go snowboarding. sounds appealing, if i can ever navigate my way to this place again, since i have such a poor sense of direction.


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