i heart NY

10 sept 18:31

i heart NY

i was tired of being on Wrong Island, so i took LIRR into the city this afternoon.

i heart NY. it’s like no other city in the world.

everyone is gorgeous. even the ugly people.

they dress far better than in san francisco. (obviously)

it attracts a higher caliber of tourists. NY tourists are way better-looking than SF tourists.

i didn’t really do much. walked around. soaked it all in. got caught in a rain storm.

i coulda called people, but i didn’t have time. i was only there for a few hours, and then i took the train back home. i felt like such a commuter (even though i was on an early, off-peak train)

now i’m back on Wrong Island. i guess mom, dad and i are gonna have some dinner.

then i’ll probably hang out with Carmie. she called me today when i was in the city.

Savagely Tan called me too. she picked up her kid from school, and they were at a playground in Central Park, having some ice cream.

it’s weird that it’s so hot, yet so cloudy. and so damn humid.  it’s fun for a few days, but i know that i’d hate to move back to all this.


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