you’re fired

sat 8 sept 13:20

you're fired foam finger

thursday night was an interesting shift at the restaurant. GM was all in a tizzy when i got there. and there was a new guy “training”, or auditioning, or whatever.

theBrit was managing for a few hours, but then he disappeared.

turns out that Slow Bartender and Boobs got fired. yes. fired. but no one ever gets fired from the Restaurant! but apparently, people do now.

it’s unclear as to the specific reason that SlowBartender got canned. but it’s many, reasons, really. he’d been on probation recently after customer complaints of poor service at the bar, and his taking shots rather than servicing bar patrons…

from what i hear, SlowBartender clocked out the other night at 1:30am, when all the other servers clocked out at about 11:30pm. so, what the hell was he doing there for 2 hours? drinking. doing drugs. whatever. (why the hell was he dumb enough to clock out so late? he shoulda just ignored it, and no one woulda been the wiser.)
also, a few weeks ago, the cleaning crew came in at 5am to find him still there, hanging out. i guess GM put 2+2 together and finally had enough proof to can him.

in other news, Rubie was suspended, because he was dumb enough to mention that one night Rubie stopped into work at 1:30am after his DJ gig to use the restroom…. and that’s when GM said: what the hell were you doing stopping into the restaurant after hours? Rubie replied: oh, i do it all the time before i get onto the train home.

stupid ass.

so Rubie’s on probation.

Jacko missed a meeting last week. we rolled out a new menu. he didn’t attend. (neither did Rubie). so when Jacko showed up for his next shift, he was a food runner, rather than a server. wow.

oh, back to Boobs. i don’t know why she got canned. she was probably with SlowBartender during each of the incidents. but GM tells me that it’s because she went into the kitchen and made food while off duty. apparently that’s a violation of workman’s comp. i havev to admit, that’s a stretch. but GM was probably looking for a reason. ans she found one.

so i guess this means that we need a new hostess/waitress. and a new bartender.

that’s why i was training a new guy the other day.

i’m glad i’m on vacation, and i don’t have to deal with this drama.

but why am i writing about it while i’m on vay-kay? i’m so lame.


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