crystal springs

sat 8 sept 23:32

ahhh… crystal springs. sounds like a waterfall, or overpriced bottled water, but it’s not.

its the name of the complex which houses the new condo, which is smack in the middle of a golf course, (called strangely enough, crystal springs). the condo is at the 11th tee, which apparently, is the signature hole. i don’t get it, either. but it’s quaint as all hell. and i’m sure i’ll hate it after a few days.

condo itself is nice. 2 br, 2ba, +den, eik, patio, grg. full amenities.

the amenities include a fitness center, which Bro says is really cool. and Mom-Dad tell me that there are several pools.
5 indoor <—indoor pool? what’s the point?
and 2 outdoor <—now you’re speakin my language!

tonight we ate at the clubhouse. food ok. service was suck-ass for such a hoity-toity place. our server was really dumb. she couldn’t remember things like drinks, and specials. didn’t bother to replace my fork after the one i’d used for my starter salad was taken away with my plate. (the food runner-busser brought me a new fork, as well as a steak knife for my pork medallions. he’s kick-ass! )

my pork medallions weren’t medallions really. they felt more like pork chops, sans bones. like i said. food was eh.

the club itself is a cliche of a golf clubhouse. rich arrogant white people with annoying NJ/LongIsland accents, speaking very loudly in a gaudily decorated setting. how else can everyone know how rich they are if they don’t loudly announce it to everyone?

ugh. Mom & Dad’s friends, L&N were at the house today. for some reason, Mom&Dad consider them family. i don’t. they’re irritating. to their credit, L&N tried to leave, to allow Mom&Dad to spend some quality time with us (me and Bro and Wife and Kid.) but Mom&Dad insisted that L&N come over, and stay… i don’t know why Mom&Dad are so hell-bent on including complete strangers into our family.

tomorrow, mom&dad and i are going to work out, v. early. afterwards, i’m envisioning that i’ll need to luxuriate by the pool. it’s been hot here. (around 85 today, i’d say?)

but who knows if any of this will come into fruition. i’m sure i’ll get dragged to church though.

we’re also going to brunch tomorrow. and then making the boring +90min drive back to Wrong Island.


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