fri 7 Sept

newark airport sign

landed in Newark airport today. (eeew. new jersey.)

i’m at my parents house on Wrong Island. it’s horrible, but quaint at the same time.

LIRR map

it’s exhausting to travel across the country! especially when you’re stuck on a plane for 5+ hours surrounded by group travelers who are very very very concerned with their seating arrangements. (they all wanted to sit together–all 20+ of them) and were constantly complaining about how their travel agent didn’t put them in seats next to each other.) to top it all off, they were very chatty with everyone around. they kept trying to talk to me. i ignored them. i’m such a bitch sometimes.

i’ve got a bit of insomnia. it’s about 1:30am now. but i slept during the entire plane ride over here. it’s hard to get up in the morning after working late into the evening the night prior. woe is me.

i’ve been sneezing like a motherfucker since i got here. i don’t know what i’m allergic to. but it sucks to sneeze so much.

tomorrow, (sat) we’re going to the condo in Butfuck, NJ. but not until about 4pm, after Bro’s wife gets a haircut. i landed in Newark today. i don’t understand why i had to come all the way to Wrong Island only to go back to NJ tomorrow morning. and then to return to Wrong Island on Sunday night.

what can i do? my fam is crazy.


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