tues 4 sept 23:49

i’ve been so uninspired lately. i don’t know why.

M and I finally made some progress in planning our trip to Portugal. (we’re going on the 12th.)

but first, i’m making a pitstop in NY, starting the 7th. the parents are v. excited about it. i, however, am indifferent. Bro called me yesterday, and told me that he “just saved my ass from having to go to the condo in NJ on friday when i get there”. i don’t understand his logic. the whole point of this trip out there is to see the new condo (which i don’t care about. but apparently, Mom/Dad seem to think that i’d enjoy sitting around in Buttfuck, NJ with nothing to do.) whatever. he’s gonna pick me up from the airport, and then take me to Wrong Island. then i imagine that on Sat, we’re all gonna drive to Buttfuck? only to drive back on Sunday nite? i’m not sure how this is all gonna pan out. and i don’t really care, either.

my buzzcut is growing in. i’m starting to look like a kiwi fruit.
kiwi fruit

i’ve stumbled upon other blogs which i enjoy. two of em in NYC. just blogging about their lives in NYC. seems similar to my life when i lived there: work. drinking. friends. drinking. work. drinking. bars. friends. drinking.

went to Myth Cafe for lunch today. i was totally jonesin’ for the BLT.
Boobs, SlowBartender and friend of Boobs came into Myth, as i was finishing lunch, but it was already closed. so they went to Cafe Prague down the street. i joined them afterwards, and had a glass of wine.

otherwise, i can’t remember what the hell i’ve been doing for the past few days.

i haven’t been drinking much.
have i been at work? (yes.)
i’ve done nothing else. no restaurants, no bars, no adventures. how boring of me.

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