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Posted in san francisco with tags on Sunday 30 September, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

i’ve never seen so many furry pink boots, sparkle, glitter, technicolor hair, wings, and wigs. i felt like the sesame street puppets had taken too much acid.

of course also present were the requisite naked guys. (i saw one yesterday too at critical mass)

See some photos from the SFWeekly blog

wow, busy weekend in SF.

Critical Mass was fri.
LoveFest Sat.
Folsom Street Fair on Sunday.

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critical mess

Posted in bicycle, san francisco with tags on Saturday 29 September, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

sat 29 sept 17:15

critical mass 09-2007

it was friday night, almost 6pm at Justin Herman Plaza, and several hundred bicyclists were hanging out, waiting for the “festivities” to begin.

bike nerds are weird. there were all types: messengers, earth-hugging hippies, all-around freaks, office people, unwashed homeless meth addicts, etc. and each one of them riding some sort of bicycle contraption.

at about 6:20 we started down the embarcadero towards the ball park. then looped around and came back up the embarcadero, and crossed over to market street. we somehow jigga-jogged over to one of the other streets, and then back along market. we cut over along turk st, and rode through the ‘loin. we crossed over van ness, snarling traffic at every intersection.

it was so very childish, but fun at the same time.

i’ve noticed that bicycle folk are very dramatic. they’ll stop directly in front of a car, and purposely (pretend, or otherwise) decide to start making repairs on a tire, or talk on their cell phone, or look in a different direction, so long as they’re not making eye contact with the driver of the car.

during our ride, i noticed that bicycle nerds are very strange. many of them made strange noises: of course the requisite hoots and hollers, and whistles. but some made siren noises. what i heard most were chicken sounds. clucking, crowing, cock-a-doodle do-ing…. one person sang the tune of Deathstar/Star Wars in chicken. like i said. weird.

through hayes valley we went, along hayes st, then a left to continue along octavia green.

i was beginning to feel like i was on an all-bicycle version of the BaytoBreakers

i was wondering if we’d get onto the freeway, but SF’s finest had already planned ahead, and blockaded the on-ramp with several patrol cars and motorbikes.

we continued along market st, and made a left onto 14th or so… and then down to south van ness….

the on-ramp to 101 was also blockaded. we continued along made a right onto 15th street, and then a left onto valencia. you get the idea.

i aborted the mission when i realized that we made a huge loop: valencia, 18th, mission, 22nd, then valencia again, and then 18th again, and then mission again…

i hightailed it outta there on 16th at valencia, and headed to the castro. i don’t know why i chose the castro; it seemed close by, and the likelihood of snacking options seemed high. by this time it was 8:15 and i was getting cold, hungry and kind of bored with the whole situation.

it seemed like many of my fellow riders had done the same. passing by the local bars: casanova, delirium, gestalt, etc. i saw nothing but bikes-bikes-bikes-bikes and hipsters-hipsters-hipsters everywhere. (but… those places always have a high concentration of bikes and hipsters—-critical mass has nothing to do with it!)

was it worth it? i suppose so.

would i do it again? maybe.

[where: san francisco, ca]

critical mass

Posted in bicycle, san francisco with tags on Friday 28 September, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

fri 28 sept 11:35

critical mass stencil

is tonight! i just read an article about it on

and another article here.

glad i’m off tonight. i’ve never been to CriticalMass. i’m totally going.


Posted in san francisco, sightings, tenderloin on Friday 28 September, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

fri 28 sept 10:46

san francisco twins

{above picture stolen from this guy}

i’ve had some sightings lately.

i was on my bike the other day headed to myth cafe for lunch, when i saw the San Francisco Twins! it was exciting! they were near union square, probably shopping. they’re very charming.

at the gym, i saw Roberto, the bartender from Jade. his hair is shorter, and he wasn’t wearing his glasses. my coworkers and i make up stories about him. we’ve decided that he must be single again, thus the reason for going to the gym, getting a haircut, and wearing contact lenses. he’s gotta look good if he wants to find himself a new girlfirend, right?

and finally, the other day, i saw Brandi. allow me to explain. living in the tenderloin, you see your fair share of crackheads, trannies and prostitutes. (or some combo of the three) Brandi is Eegs’ favorite crackhead. i see her every so often, meandering the streets of the ‘loin, sometimes, totally spacey and cracked/meth-ed out. other times, completely normal looking. i saw her the other night on my way home from work–she wasn’t wearing any shoes and had a dazed look on her face. not good.

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new folk

Posted in san francisco, work on Tuesday 25 September, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

tues 25 sept 23:45

new starburst

remember a few weeks ago when SlowBartender and Boobs got canned?

also, Alistair left last week. i don’t know what he’s gonna for work rather than wait tables. i think his bitch of a wife wanted him to not work in restaurants anymore.

and our busser Hector, went to Mexico last week, and got stuck there. (?) i don’t know all the details, but i imagine that being denied entrance into the country isn’t a situation that’s easily remedied.

well, now that i’m back from vay-kay, there’s a whole slew of new people at work. it’s weird.

we have a new host-stye, a bartender, and a server. and a busser. i think we still need another server.

it’s exhausting to have so many new people. you have to teach them everything. i’m not complaining. it’s good to have some new blood in the place. it just takes a little while to get used to it.


Posted in the donnas with tags on Tuesday 25 September, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

tues 25 sept 10:22

donnas logo

the donnas new album came out last week. they got rid of their record label and started their own.

these chicks rock hard!

how was your trip?

Posted in work on Saturday 22 September, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

22 sept 13:06

the inevitable question.  and such an open-ended one.

“it was great.” is the inevitable answer.

am i expected to sum up my entire 2-week trip to NY and Portugal in one sentence?

not looking forward to my shift today. i’m sure some drama has unfolded that GM hasn’t told me about.  i was supposed to be waiting tables tonight, but i got an email yesterday asking me to manage instead. hm. seems weird. but it doesn’t matter. i’d rather manage tonight, and slowly e-e-e-ease my way back into the world of restaurant life.

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