you wanna go WHERE?

mon 27 aug 11:55

walking home on fri night after a long shift of dealing with stupid people, i saw a stupid drunk-ass girl trying to get a cab, and was promptly denied with each attempt. i heard her scream to one cab driver: “I wanna go to Pleasanton! yes, PLEASANTON!”

Pleasanton!? yowzers!

Pleasanton (in my world) is way-the-fuck-out-there in Buttfuck, CA.
it’s hot there during the day.
it must be be hundreds of miles away.
it’s certainly not anywhere near San Francisco.

today, i consulted my google map. turns out that Pleasanton is technically only about 40 miles away. wow. who knew?

as i continued my journey home, i saw her get into another cab.

i wondered how much it’d cost to get way-the-fuck-out there, and if anyone’d actually take her.

half a block later, i saw her emerge the cab that she had just entered, even more furious than before. as i turned the corner to my apt, i smiled because i’m glad that i live in SF.


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