spot the euro

mon 27 aug 11:20

it’s august in SF, so it’s European Tourist Season. there are lots of them around. everywhere.

i totally get it. the euro is pretty strong. haven’t looked at the exchange rate lately, but probably €1 = $1.40 (?)

why wouldn’t they come here? it’s like everything’s about 30% off for them. (50% off if they’re Brits!)

it’s great for our economy.
but irritating to have them as guests in the restaurant.

some are lovely. very pleasant, kind, polite.
others are quite demanding, curt, and pretty much a minor nightmare.

eye-talians seem to get annoyed that we don’t speak eye-talian.
the french? well, lets just say that they never seem to be satisfied.

it’s fun to spot the euros.
the men are usually wearing manpris. (you know what i’m talking about! click here)
most of the eye-talians wear glasses like this it’s so excellent!
and some are unrecognizeable until they speak. that’s what makes it so interesting.


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