thurs 23 Aug 17:26

planning a trip back to NY to see the fam. i know i’m gonna regret it.

of course i love my family, and i miss them. but after a few hours, i hate them.
they’re so caught up in the drama between our family, and my brother’s wife’s family.

brother’s wife’s family is a tight knit group. so tight, that it’s suffocating. brother’s wife has 3 brothers. all married. each brother has 2-5 kids, so it’s always someone’s birthday, or special event that requires a celebration, or at the very least, presents. i find it very exhausting.

Mom thinks it’s because Bro likes her family better. i try to explain that they’re a lot different than our family. they need to see/talk to each other several times a day. they’re from a small town. they’re not used to their family members being so far away.

anyway, my nephew is about 1.5 yrs old right now. i’ve gotten some pics. he’s cute cute cute!

Mom & Dad bought a new vacation house in the middle of Buttfuck, NJ. (different location than Buttfuck, PA where my brother lives). for whatever reason, they have this strange idea that i want to see this house in Buttfuck, NJ.

am i a country person? no. Nor do i ever claim to be.

i went to college in Boston. i moved back from college, to live Manhattan. then i moved to SF. i vacation in other cities. what part of that equation makes them think that i’d enjoy the country?

anyway. i’ve already got a trip planned to Portugal, (12 Sept thru 22 Sept) so i’m gonna add this trip to NY beforehand.


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