no one recognizes me anymore with this new buzzcut.

after work, i went into the bar next door for a drink with the coworkers. bartenders didn’t notice me, neither did the other patrons. it’s like i’m the invisible man. i dig it.

meanwhile, at work, as we’re all running around during service, the other servers don’t realize it’s me right away. some think that i’m one of the bussers. the host-tye sometimes think i’m one of the guests. it’s funny.

hairstyles are such a statement. i’ve known this all along. and it’s become an interesting impromptu social experiment.

after buzzing off most of my hair, i’ve blended into the background. but then people realize that it’s me, and suddenly, i’ve called more attention to myself than ever before.
(i know, i can’t help it. i love the attention. i’m a Leo, remember?) 😉


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