kill your television

15 aug 16:35

sidebar: how is august halfway over already? where is my life going?

on the elliptical at the gym today, i had several choices for my tv viewing.

Top Chef on Bravo
Making the Band 4 with PDiddy on MTV
Millionaire (w Meredith Viera from the View) on ABC
I Love New York on VH1

i’d heard lots about Top Chef.
Frank blogged about it last week
i’ve read reviews about it in the paper.
HomeSlice goes to the gym specifically so she can watch it.
so I tried it out….

i didn’t like it. the judges, or “chefs”, or whoever they are, are so very very full of themselves and full of the drama. they seem to take great pleasure in telling the wanna-be chefs that their food sucks. the episode that i saw (albeit only part of the episode) had them transforming an empty space into a working restaurant in only 4 hours, or something ridic like that. I’m no restauranteur, but i know what goes into opening a restaurant. it takes weeks, months. not hours. to put such unreasonable time constraints isn’t entertaining, it just creates unnecessary stress and drama.

hm… maybe i don’t enjoy this show because i work in a restaurant. i encounter drama like this every day.

next choice was Making the Band 4, with PDiddy. it was actually the Cram Session. which, i determined was a “cliff notes” version of the season thus far. the season finale is probably sometime this week. and they want to get everyone up to speed with the drama tha’s unfolded thus far. love it!

no one is more full of himself than Diddy. i don’t know why i was so entranced by this suck-ass reality show, but i was. i couldn’t stop watching it. even after my 16 minutes on the elliptical were finished. i found myself sneaking glances of it as i went from the bicep curl to the tricep machine, to the shoulder lift machines. it became a minor obsession. he and the choreographer got into a heated argument and she left in a huff. diva vs. divo. so entertaining!

i tried watching Millionaire, but it was finishing, and then some suck-ass soap opera started.

by the time i got around to abs, I Love New York was on VH1.
New York is a tranny mess! that weave, those boobs, the makeup —> tranny!


2 Responses to “kill your television”

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