14. 27. 53. hike.

sun 12aug 11:20


HomeSlice and i went for a little day trip yesterday. we borrowed Linda’s mini and planned to hike to this little shack near muir woods that serves beer and snacks. about 2 exits before muir woods, electronic signs shouted that all the parking lots at muir woods were full.

now that i’m looking at the muir woods site, i realize that this hike, had we done it, would have taken more than 3.5 hours. HomeSlice always thinks that she can do them in less time. she’s always so ambitious.

we proceeded with plan b. Hearts Desire near Tomales Bay.

some more driving, then heat, and fog, then more fog, then heat. when we reached Hearts Desire beach, it was foggy, but full of families and screaming kids.

we hiked through the woods for about half a mile, and ended up at Indian Beach (?)
not much sand, but a little bit of sun. we hung out there for awhile before making the hike back.

i usually don’t like the outdoors. many people erroneously think i enjoy the outdoors because i like to snowboard. i don’t snowboard to be outside, i snowboard because it’s fun for me. i can think of few things worse than being in a cabin in the woods in the dead of winter. that’s why i always stay in Reno after going snowboarding. 🙂

back to the hike. it was short. pretty good. small placards alerted us to different flora that the native american Miwoks used for food, medicine, etc. none of which we could find. but it was interesting.

on the way back to SF, we stopped on the side of the road to pick/eat blackberries in Lagunitas. (yes, that’s where the beer comes from).

next stop was Fairfax, a little town near nowhere, really. we got some ice cream. then we stopped and got a snack at a little mediterranean cafe.

we got back onto 101, headed back to foggytown. as i shifted into 4th gear, i imagined what this little car could do if i were driving on the autobahn.


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