a night out

fri 10 Aug 12:18

dive bar

it was thursday night. got offa work early-ish.

decided it was going to be dive bar night.

we started at High Tide on Geary. fun. i haven’t been to any dive bars in a few years, it seems. drinks are so damn cheap!

ran into simon on the way there. he was with his sis, and another friend. they’d just come from Millenium. they were headed to the Ambassador.

afterwards, went to Aunt Charlie’s. i felt like i’d time traveled to in San Francisco in the ’70s. lots of ironic mustaches (yes, i’m one of them) and thrift store clothes. (again, i’m not throwing any stones, i realize i live in a glass house.)

DJ spinning some weird-ass tunes. drinks were cheap. i’ve never seen so many bike messengers together drinking in one place. everyone there was sorta alterna-hipster, if that makes sense.

i got Plo to join dodgeball. i txted her late last night. about 2:30am. i immediately get a call from Bun, pretty much threatening me to stop calling her so late. wtf!?!

i didn’t call, i txted, you fucktard.

when did he become her dad? stupid fuck.
and why the hell is he reading her txt mssgs?

he needs to start trusting her more. otherwise their relationship is doomed.


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