avenue Q

thurs 9 Aug 10:33

went to see Avenue Q last night at the Orpheum. its a musical where puppets and humans sing, dance, tell me that it sucks to be them, and flirt with each other. there’s even the occasional sex scene. eeeeew. it’s like an uncensored version of Sesame Street.

the actors/puppeteers made no effort to hide themselves while operating the puppets, which became confusing to me because i kept watching the actors, rather than the puppets themselves. each actor operates several different puppets, and sometimes, they’ll switch puppets mid-scene. mildly confusing.

when i started payting attention to the puppets rather than the actors operating them, i was better able to follow along.

storyline: I’ve-just-graduated-college-and-i’m-trying-to-find-my-purpose-and-

in other words: Rent-meets-Slackersmeets-Reality Bites-meets-Sesame Street.

sure, it’s funny at first. SesameStreet clones singing that their life is suck-ass. but after a few minutes, it was a little creepy. i felt like it was the mid 90s, and i’d taken too many acid tabs at a sub-par rave at a converted warehouse in the suburbs.

it got great reviews on Broadway, and it even won a Tony® Award. but i was not impressed. nor amused. but, i was slightly entertained. overall, just… okay.

i got tix through the restaurant, so at least i didn’t spend any of my own cash on it. but i did have to take the night off, which means lost wages. so in a way, it was a waste of my money. too bad.


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