memory loss

tues 7 aug 23:35

memory loss

tonight was my first shift back since my birthday and the man shower. i’ve been able to piece together a few events from that night.

we stayed at the Horseshoe until it closed. and then i left to go find a cab. couldn’t find one, so i went back to the Horseshoe. and then a bunch of us went to Connor’s. because he had a full bar in his apt. Connor’s–it’s someone’s place, not a bar. when everyone was was explaining this to me, i was totally thinking we went to another bar… he lives somewhere near haight st. (?) we stayed there until about 4am. (i am so crazy!)

I have no recollection of any of this. (even worse)

still not sure how i got home that night. maybe i walked?

damn. i musta made a fool of myself.

but at least i had fun. (i hope).

and, i didn’t ride my bike home, either.

i should stop drinking so much.


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