the man-shower

mon 6 Aug.


TheBrit’s man shower was last night.

it was man-tastic! we started at Alistair’s place. a few drinks later, we were at Mamacita to meet the rest of the men. eventually we rolled on over to Izzy’s Steak House. very manly.

we ate.
we drank.
we drank some more.

after dinner, we continued to the Horseshoe Tavern.

we drank.
we drank some more.
we slapped each other’s asses.
we cuddled.
we hugged.
we drank even more.
like i said. very manly.

this morning, i woke up in my bed.

preliminary inventory check:
cell phone? currently ringing. good. that means it’s here somewhere.
keys? must have them, since i got in to the apt.
wallet? yep. on the kitchen counter.
$$ ? checked all my pockets. not a thing. and i started with $190 cash.


i’m not sure how i got home. hope i didn’t ride my bike.

pictures going up on flickr in a few days.

going to palo alto today to experience hot, because its cold and foggy here in the 415.

it’s my birthday today! yeah!!


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