crash and burn

Sat 4 Aug 12:37

POS system crash

yesterday, Friday, i get a phone call from GM. she wants me to manage that night instead of wait tables. normally, i’m all for it. because when i’m on the floor, the guests make me a little crazy. you know the drill: substitutions, food allergies, special requests, “explain the menu to me”, “what’s good here?” people.

but i’ve been broke lately, and i haven’t been able to figure out why. and when i thought about it, if i was manager that night, i’d only make about half of what i’d make waiting tables in the dining room. essentially, i’d be cutting my salary in half (for one night), but multiply that by 4-6 times per month, and see what happens? you’re broke-ass, like i always seem to be lately.

so i told her that i could manage, but i’d prefer not to.

she got Alistair to do it.
whew. (i felt bad for a few minutes, but then realized that he’s got lotsa money. i don’t.)

work was a nightmare when i arrived. there was a flood in the kitchen because a drain pipe was clogged. 3 separate computer systems, OpenTable (reservations), Aloha (POS), and credit card authorizations, all crashed at different times that day, and were all in the process of attempting to be re-booted.

most of the night, the credit card authorization didn’t work. we had to use the old-skool method of hand written, imprint-the-card-style credit card receipts. many of our guests didn’t know how to use them, which i thought was funny. but it’s true, when do you ever see those receipts with carbon-backed paper anymore?

closing out at the end of the evening was nightmarish. some authorizations went through, but some didn’t. those that didn’t we closed as “gift certificate”, which means we weren’t able to adjust our tips, which means we weren’t sure how much we made, and the busser, and our cash drop, and etc. etc. etc. i could go on and on about the minutia of it all, but i won’t.

oh, and mid-shift, theBrit had a bout of food poisoning. he was totally pale and sweaty. he left at 9pm. Alistair had to jump behind the bar and make drinks for us. (im really glad I wasn’t managing last night)

i hope all this drama has been resolved by the time i get to work tonight….


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