3 Aug 17:29

tired today.

during my shift last night, i decided it would be a great idea to drink modified mimosas all night. i modified them by using cranberry juice instead of orange juice. excellent!

i was the early server, so my shift ended at about 10pm. TheBrit’s wife and TheBrit’s little girl were coming to the restaurant. i stuck around to say hi, and got roped into having some rosé sparkling wine with them.

then i realized that i was hungry, so i went for sushi, and of course, ordered some nigori sake to go along with it.

while eating the chirashi that i ordered, i get a txt from CrazyCzech. he tells me that other CrazyCzech is going to CatClub.

so, i went to CatClub after i finished eating.

i forget how much fun fun fun fun fun it is there on Thursday night! haven’t been for probably 2 years.

i drank a bit too much, as i tend to do.

it was sunny today, so CrazyCzech and i went to Samovar Tea Lounge in SoMA for lunch. i had the chinese tea service. it comes with dumplings, and a chicken veggie dish in a clay pot, and coconut something or other for dessert, and i chose some unpronounceably-named tea to go along with it. the whole thing for only $15. not cheap, but not so expensive.

GM called me earlier. she wanted me to manage tonight. i told her no. i can’t afford to lose money by managing rather than waiting tables.

damn, i’ve gotta get to work.


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