say cheese

3 Aug 10:35

photographer red carpet man with camera

i’ve been tooling around on flickr lately. i uploaded a bunch of photos from the Gilroy Garlic Festival, and ones from snowboarding in the ‘hoe this past Christmas. then i decided to upload some as old as 1998 until about 2004. they were fun! great memories.

that’s when realized that i never ever ever take pictures anymore. and in many of the old pictures i was always with groups of 2-6 other people. we were so cool!

why was i so much cooler back then? why was my life so different?


i had more friends?
we were still in our 20s?
we went out more?
most of us were single?

probably all of the above.

it was cool to see those pics. me and my friends were all so young, so carefree, totally enjoying life.

i’m still doing that now, but what the hell happened? i never take pictures anymore. not even when i go on vacation. and even then, why should i wait until vacation to take pictures? i used to carry around a camera with me everywhere, to take dumb snapshots of my life thus far.

i need to start doing that again.


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