the day is foggy and my brain is foggy.

don’t feel like going to the gym today.

i’ve got some major returns to make. bought a replacement camera for CrazyCzech. he decided that since i’m buying him a new one, he wanted the newest version. so i bought that one. when it arrived, he noticed that it’s a teeny bit bigger than the original one. and then he decided that he wanted the older (original) one. when that one arrived, he got it into his head that he wanted a completely different one altogether. it’s 400000 billion mega-pixels, and slim and sexy and also about $100 more than the original. he agreed to pay the extra. but he doesn’t take pictures–ever, so what does it matter? believe me, in CrazyCzech world, it does.

and then i realized that i myself need a camera as well.

mom and dad mentioned that they’d buy me a new camera for my birthday. Mom works at Canon ™ but i already bought several, and was thinking that i’d keep one for myself. now, i realize… why don’t i let mom&dad buy me a camera? then i won’t have to spend my own money!

thus, i have several cameras to return…


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