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tv or not tv

Posted in gym, mtv with tags , on Tuesday 28 August, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

tues 28 aug 15:55

at the gym today there was lots of tv programming on offer.

VH1: the fabulous life presents: young hot and royal
NBC: access hollywood

i always enjoy the Fabulous Life Presents. it’s so decadent. i’ve decided that i want to be young hot and royal, too. i’m the first born, so i’d be a prince. it’d be royal-tastic.

Ryan Reynolds was on TRL. he’s such a power tool.

Access Hollywood is excellent for celebrity junk. Owen Wilson tried to commit suicide by slashing his wrists? (already knew that–read the blogs this morning, thanks). Brangelina was hanging out in Central Park w the kids, but sans Shiloh? important stuff, people.


you wanna go WHERE?

Posted in san francisco with tags on Monday 27 August, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

mon 27 aug 11:55

walking home on fri night after a long shift of dealing with stupid people, i saw a stupid drunk-ass girl trying to get a cab, and was promptly denied with each attempt. i heard her scream to one cab driver: “I wanna go to Pleasanton! yes, PLEASANTON!”

Pleasanton!? yowzers!

Pleasanton (in my world) is way-the-fuck-out-there in Buttfuck, CA.
it’s hot there during the day.
it must be be hundreds of miles away.
it’s certainly not anywhere near San Francisco.

today, i consulted my google map. turns out that Pleasanton is technically only about 40 miles away. wow. who knew?

as i continued my journey home, i saw her get into another cab.

i wondered how much it’d cost to get way-the-fuck-out there, and if anyone’d actually take her.

half a block later, i saw her emerge the cab that she had just entered, even more furious than before. as i turned the corner to my apt, i smiled because i’m glad that i live in SF.

spot the euro

Posted in san francisco with tags , on Monday 27 August, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

mon 27 aug 11:20

it’s august in SF, so it’s European Tourist Season. there are lots of them around. everywhere.

i totally get it. the euro is pretty strong. haven’t looked at the exchange rate lately, but probably €1 = $1.40 (?)

why wouldn’t they come here? it’s like everything’s about 30% off for them. (50% off if they’re Brits!)

it’s great for our economy.
but irritating to have them as guests in the restaurant.

some are lovely. very pleasant, kind, polite.
others are quite demanding, curt, and pretty much a minor nightmare.

eye-talians seem to get annoyed that we don’t speak eye-talian.
the french? well, lets just say that they never seem to be satisfied.

it’s fun to spot the euros.
the men are usually wearing manpris. (you know what i’m talking about! click here)
most of the eye-talians wear glasses like this it’s so excellent!
and some are unrecognizeable until they speak. that’s what makes it so interesting.


Posted in san francisco, the fam on Thursday 23 August, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

thurs 23 Aug 17:26

planning a trip back to NY to see the fam. i know i’m gonna regret it.

of course i love my family, and i miss them. but after a few hours, i hate them.
they’re so caught up in the drama between our family, and my brother’s wife’s family.

brother’s wife’s family is a tight knit group. so tight, that it’s suffocating. brother’s wife has 3 brothers. all married. each brother has 2-5 kids, so it’s always someone’s birthday, or special event that requires a celebration, or at the very least, presents. i find it very exhausting.

Mom thinks it’s because Bro likes her family better. i try to explain that they’re a lot different than our family. they need to see/talk to each other several times a day. they’re from a small town. they’re not used to their family members being so far away.

anyway, my nephew is about 1.5 yrs old right now. i’ve gotten some pics. he’s cute cute cute!

Mom & Dad bought a new vacation house in the middle of Buttfuck, NJ. (different location than Buttfuck, PA where my brother lives). for whatever reason, they have this strange idea that i want to see this house in Buttfuck, NJ.

am i a country person? no. Nor do i ever claim to be.

i went to college in Boston. i moved back from college, to live Manhattan. then i moved to SF. i vacation in other cities. what part of that equation makes them think that i’d enjoy the country?

anyway. i’ve already got a trip planned to Portugal, (12 Sept thru 22 Sept) so i’m gonna add this trip to NY beforehand.


Posted in restaurant, san francisco on Thursday 23 August, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

There’s a special prixe fixe menu going on with Pellegrino and Dine out USA.
3 courses, $35

i was off on Monday night. so me and a friend went to Fringale.

it was kick ass. i forgot that i love that place.

there were annoying surgeons sitting next to us. 2 separate couples. one from Glen Park, and from what i could gather, the other couple was from Boston. the local couple was trying to show off, and wouldn’t stop talking about other restaurants that they’d been to. blah blah blah. so irritating.

fire in the ‘Loin

Posted in san francisco, tenderloin on Thursday 23 August, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

thurs 23 Aug 11:27

san Francisco Fire dept. in the tenderloin

the Loin, the loin, the loin is on fye-yah!

sirens and firetrucks. lots of water and hoses. firefighters too. don’t see any smoke though.

[where: 715 O’farrell, San Francisco, CA 94109]

alek wek

Posted in san francisco with tags on Thursday 23 August, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

my cousin C (in NY) just txted me. Alek Wek is coming to Barnes & Noble (NY) to promote her new book!

we LOVE Alek Wek!

a few Thanksgivings ago… lets say it was around 1999(?) we were sitting around their parents place in NJ watching several several hours worth of episodes of E! True Hollywood Story.

they were excellent ones! the first was about Jamie Lee Curtis. (i’m totally convinced that she’s a man). and the next was all about supermodel Alek Wek. she fled her native Sudan and became everyone’s favorite supermodel! my cousins and i have loved her even more since seeing the episode.

she’s making an in-store appearance in a few weeks! v. excited.

i hope C brings her camera!

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