burned to ashes

this is a rant. it may sound racist. so if you’re hyper-sensitive, or easily offended, don’t read it

steak well done

why is it that (usually black) people want their burgers WELL DONE? not just well done, but so well done that it’s almost unrecognizable as meat.

i’m manager tonight.

woman at table 31 ordered her burger well done. and it was prepared well done, just as she ordered. when it got to the table, she sent it back, claiming it was too bloody. she wanted it well well well done.

you know what, bee-atch? you’re eating animal flesh. there’s gonna be pink in it somewhere. deal with it.

if you’re into eating dry, tasteless food go for it. just don’t do it on my clock. if you want grey meat, she shoulda gone to Burger King.


3 Responses to “burned to ashes”

  1. Some that has good sense! Says:

    You idiot! I’m sure your President likes his meat well done. Hmmm… considering he’s BLACK! Hope I didn’t offend you… Loser!

  2. Your ass needs to learn how to cook.

  3. Wow you’re a moron who obviously doesn’t know how to cook. I like my burgers and steak well done. If there’s pink in it its not well done which means you didn’t prepare it well done. You need to stop making excuses simply because you don’t know how to prepare it properly. This concept might be foreign to you, but meat doesn’t have to have blood pouring out of it to be moist you fool. God you’re such a moron and an obviously bad cook.

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