Fri 27 July

went to Harlot last night.

was ok. the space is great. it’s just behind Salt House.

the bouncer’s a fucking ass. but that’s his problem.

the music kinda sucked-ass. it was a louder version of ultra-lounge. it was like going clubbing in the early 00’s.

spotted DJ Solomon in the crowd, as well Chris Clouse.
CrazyCzech thinks that they might be boyfriends.

headed to Gilroy now! borrowed the other CrazyCzech’s car. had to pick it up in the Richmond.


One Response to “harlot”

  1. OMG! I just went there tonight, got home and read your blog. You totally beat me. 😉 I had a different experience, but it was happy hour, so it was probably different. Music was not even noticeable. Bartender was fabulous. Had a great time. I also loved the space, although the artwork reminded me of “Eyes Wide Shut,” which creeped me out a little bit. Maybe just because it made me think of Tom Cruise and sex. Yuck.

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