snoozy dinner

so i mentioned that HomeSlice invited me to a dinner last-minute with a bunch of her friends at Farina on Sunday.

what she failed to mention, was that it was a birthday celebration for her friend WineGirl. Which means that WineGirl Boyfriend was there (and I find him irritating). Also Attorney, (a friend of WineGirl) and WineGirl Sister. (What the hell am i doing here? I’m not friends with WineGirl, or WineGirl Boyfriend, or any of these people… )


why the hell did HomeSlice invite me to dinner at the very last minute (she invited me at 18:45, and their res was at 19:00) with all these random people and i don’t find out it’s a birthday until i sit down at the table?

not only that, but at the end of the meal, I had to treat her out to dinner, too? (well, we all shared in paying for her portion for not just WineGirl’s meal, but WineGirl Sister’s meal too! WHAT?!?) when did i sign up for this? I DIDN’T. that’s what’s so annoying. i’m thinking that it’s a bunch of friends going out to a new-ish restaurant, and this whole birthday-thing gets sprung on me. bleah.

to make matters worse, WineGirl Sister is bipolar-slash-mentally unstable-slash-extremely shy-slash-socially awkward, or a combination of all of the above, so she hardly said a word the whole night. and it also stresses out WineGirl, so she was constantly asking WineGirl Sister if she was ok, etc. it was terribly awkward and not celebratory at all.

the food was okay for what it was. but far overpriced. we had 2 separate focaccias (read: pizza) to start. the first one was terribly bland, the other much more salty and delicious (it had capers and anchovies). i continued with a “blanket pasta” with pesto. pasta was well-made, but the pesto was salty. (which i don’t mind, i’m quite a salt-fiend). my next course was veal with chanterelle mushrooms. and that’s exactly what it was. it wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad, either.

Attorney had just come from Zamibia or Zaire or somewhere African and she brought literally hundreds of photos of giraffes, lions and zebras from the African desert/tundra/plains/whatever. and for some reason she showed them to HomeSlice, and then HomeSlice passed each one around the table one by one after looking at each of them. as if we were actaully interested in looking at them. snooooooze-o-rama.

agh. do that shit in your living room, not in a restaurant.

and then WineGirl brought out some pictures of her niece to show everyone. what kind of boring-ass birthday celebration is this?

even more awkward was the lame rendition of “happy birthday to you” that we performed when the candle-laden dessert got there.

desserts there are better than the food. sorbets, latte dolce fritto (fried doughnuts with custard!), and a semi-freddo (kinda like a custard-slash-ice cream)

there were six of us at the table, but we divided the bill by four. (me, HomeSlice, WineGirlBoyfriend, and Attorney.) so dumb. i shoulda said something, but i’m too much of a pussy.


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