rockstar life

Sun 22 July 10:00

yesterday when i woke up at 15:45, i was dying the slow and painful death called hangover. CrazyCzech had a friend in town from Montreal. after my shift on Friday, i met the two CrazyCzechs and CanadaBoy at Ryoko’s. well, they had sushi, i stupidly, chose to only drink sake.

CanadaBoy wanted to go somewhere to dance; it was late-ish, maybe about 12:30, so we went to le Colonial. it’s normally a restaurant, but DJ on some nights. lotsa ’80s music, which is muy populaire with the kids these days, and some pop music. fun fun fun.

for some reason i became total BFF with the bartendress. and i think i tipped her, like $20 after a round of drinks. oh, and i tipped the bathroom attendant $10. i get hella generous when i drink.

uh, maybe 3 Hangar One Orange Blossom+soda and a few shots of Fernet later, we end up at my apartment, continuing the dance party. I don’t remember what the hell we did for 4+ hours, but it was fun fun fun! Everyone left at 6:30am, CanadaBoy had to catch a flight outta SFO.

who the hell am i? i’m partying like i’m still in my 20s.

i woke up on saturday afternoon at 15:45, and my shift started at 16:00. i wasn’t sure how the hell i’d be able to work.

i didn’t feel thirsty, but when i started to drink water, i felt like i couldn’t drink enough of it. i totally had the chills, and i made myself and Emergen-C. it was a weird hangover. i didn’t have a headache, nor stomachache, but i felt lazy lazy lazy, and i would have slept for another 6 hours if i didn’t have to go to work.

yeah, the hangover was annoying, but it was all worth it. was good times on friday night. it’s fun to party like a rockstar, meet new friends, and hang out with the ones you already have.


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