drinks and techies

Fri 20 July 10:50

went to the Alembic with Frank last night. there’s a new chef. had rabbit in a mushroom spaetzle. mmmm. Bugs Bunny was so tasty…

my internet access still aint workin’. i’ve talked to several geeks from Citi-net. one of ’em was gonna come over and fix it. but, i went out last night instead. i’m able to connect to other wireless networks (like when i bring my laptop to a cafe), but i can’t connect to the network near my apt. dunno.

i tried out the new hypePhone iHype, iPhone the yesterday at the apple store. it’s okay. okay. just okay. but remember, i’m not an Apple™ person. i’m fully ensconced in PC-dom.

i’m not loving the txting features. you can’t hold it in one hand and use just one thumb to tap the “keys” on the screen. you must hold it in one hand, and use your index (or other) finger to tap tap tap at the keys. slow going. my lifestyle is such that i’m usually trying to stealthily tap a message to someone while i’m in the middle of waiting tables, bartending, riding my bike, walking on the street, etc. there’s no easy way to do this on this device. to do anything with this device requires that everyone around you sees what the hell you’re trying to do. it’s so, “look at me, my penis is so small that i’ve spent $500 on an ihype iPhone”. it’s so corporate america to me.

i don’t forsee myself needing to watch tv/youtube on my phone. nice feature though.

when, i surfed the web, i couldn’t get the page to zoom in. otherwise, it was teeny tiny. i was able to zoom in at one point, but i didnt know how i did it.

there must be more things i didn’t like about it, but i can’t think of them right now.

that being said, it’s a sexy looking device.

but i’m still happy with my Nokia.

Frank and I were discussing it last night. we think that iHype iPhone 3.0 and 4.0 are gonna be way way better.


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