watching the world go by

19 July 16:20

one of my favorite pastimes is to sit in Union Square and watch the world go by. i usually play Spot the European, and sometimes i even get free stuff. (Union Square is a mecca for promotions people). today i got a free package of Swedish Fish, and a sample of Dove Dark Chocolate.

as i sat there, i began to hear the faint thump-thump-thumping of a bass drum, followed by the rat-a-tat-tat of snare drums, and ka-ching of cymbals. as they approached, the rhythmic beats got louder. what the hell was going on? a marching band? Queer Cheer SF? no, it was a drumline! a bunch of highschool kids from Alameda. i felt like i was in that movie! way better than those damn hippie-dippie drum circles in GoldenGate Park. bleah.

as i continued my time in Union Square, i spotted Guy From The Gym With Leg Tattoos. i only see him at the gym downtown location. he was with a short, overweight, 50-something woman. i’m assuming it was his mom, and not his girlfriend.

when i went to unlock my bike, i ran into Plo and Bunzai. she was on her way to ShittyCollege to drop of financial aid paperwork(?) register for a photography class(?) buy books(?) i should start paying more attention.


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