offline again

Thurs 19 July 14:05

Dunno what’s going on with my wireless at home. it’s fucked up again. usually I blame it on the fog, but it’s sunny today. it was malfunctioning yesterday, too.
hm. that’s mildly alarming.

dragged my laptop to a café. how very early 00’s of me. sitting here with about 5-8 other people, and we’re all not talking to each other. sociologists have probably written book-length dissertations about this phenomena.

glad I’m off tonight. there’s a private event at the restaurant. quite a large group, with roulette tables and casino games. i don’t understand how they’re gonna sit down and eat with all this casino crap in the dining room. sounds like a lotta setup for very little $$. totally not worth it. did I mention that i’m glad i’m off tonight.

a friend of a friend the CrazyCzech is in town. he’s visiting from, uh, Montreal(?) Quebec(?)–one of the frenchy speaking places. CrazyCzech and CanadaBoy are riding their bikes over the Golden Gate Bridge right now. since CrazyCzech is otherwise occupied, he’s not pestering me like he usually does. it’s great!

talked to Chatty just a little while ago. She’s a teacher, but she’s got a bartending gig in Santa Monica for the summer. she’s gotta run some errands before her shift tonight. but she’ll barely accomplish one errand. it takes her a long time to do anything.


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