ugly lesby

what is it with lesbians that they take great pride in being as unattractive as possible? and they’re so damn angry all the time.

Hey, I’m not hatin’. just noticin’.


2 Responses to “ugly lesby”

  1. not all lesbians are like that… i’m a “dyke” and i’m skinny and pretty and i shave and wear makeup. i get hit on by boys and tell them v. v. politely to fuck off. some girls like pretty girls 😛
    i only get angry when stupid bitches think we’re all the same. like, why do straight guys smell bad? omg. gender orientation is such bs. we’re all just people.
    do you actually KNOW any lesbians?
    doesn’t seem like it.

  2. I’m also a femme lesbian, and most of the “dykes” i know are femme and pretty. *I* am perfectly comfortable with femininity. But some women (of all sexual orientations!) just aren’t comfortable with the gender they were born with and the expectations that go along with being female. They find that “masculine” traits suit them better (ie- the “ugliness” and aggressiveness that you mentioned). This happens with guys too (so-called “metros”).
    But that’s only one category of lesbians (butch). Please don’t assume that we all fit that stereotype.

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